YAHAP was formed in 2007 June 09 On the 27th of August 2008 we registered with The Department of Social Development, as an NPO (063-342). Aftert seeing youth engaging themselves in bad behavior and bad activities that end up ruining lives and future. Youths face many challenges, with very little motivation, life skills support structures, and our behavioural change approach has attracted the youths' attention.

Yahap enganges in programs that influence youth to recognize their self worth, their potential find the purpose of living and having dreams to achieve, embrace the importance of education. We target youth from poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds, supporting them in any way that they can make possitive difference in their lives and in their communities.

Since its inception the organization has expanded its services and has established other branches in and outside Gauteng and also looking forward to expanding into more provinces. We want to continue empowering communities responding to community needs. Working from a classroon at a local primary school is our main branch, Vosloorus. Tsakane branch is working from the project manager's house. Our Vryheid branch was fortunate to have land donated to it by the local chief, and we have managed to build a small office. The Ulundi branch is operating from a local school as well. We lack suitable facilities to aid in providing these services.